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Mural Painting and Design Services

I’m a working artist and art teacher based in the Chicagoland area. I have been studying/focusing on painting for 8 years, teaching for 5. I love working large and have done over 50 murals in the last 3 years. My work is about identity/ self discovery, representing things I find beautiful, with themes of connectivity and inclusion, whimsy, and humor. I work with many different styles of painting and love how murals are accessible to everyone. Enhancing a space with something that is meaningful and representative of the community it is located in is a main goal in my work.

Mural Pricing

  • Cost: $25-$35 per square foot (design and painting) + materials

         *price varies based on complexity of design, wall texture, time, etc.



  •  3 initial design sketches for each space with variations of each idea

  •  2 rounds of revisions

         - First round: choose 2 concepts to adjust, elimination of one design

         - Second round: choose 1 concept for finalization

  • Mural painting: labor and materials



• 1-2 weeks for initial sketches

• Each round of revision typically takes 1 week after feedback/notes are given

• Painting timeline depends on scale, design complexity, and weather


Design Process

I will take any ideas/references you might have and create a unique design that enhances your space. I start by sending you 3 concepts, with different stylistic variations of each. Once I have sent initial designs over, let me know what design(s) you are interested in and what changes you might want to see. I will also photoshop the design onto a photo of the wall to help you visualize how it will look.


What I need to get started

  • Measurements of wall(s)/ photographs/ elevations of the space the mural will be in

  • Any inspiration photos for the design

  •  Signed contract

  • 50% deposit: I accept digital payment via Zelle or Quickbooks, or check

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