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Mia Larson, Art Teacher and Artist


painting, drawing, embroidery, multimedia, etc.

Mia majored in Fine Art and Media Studies at North Park University (class of 2017).  She is an artist who believes art is a powerful instrument to spread joy, start conversations, and enhance a space and community.  Her goal in much of her work is to make it accessible to those who say they "don't know anything about art."  She also uses humor and whimsy in much of her art to show her unique perspective and interpretation of the world.  She works with many different styles but is most passionate about works that include references to history, childlike imagination, nature, and representation of the marginalized.  She wants her artwork to bring smiles to people, but also start up conversations about art and the themes represented in it.  Her need to create is essential to her survival, and she is always drawing and painting with the goal of bringing as much accessible art to the public as possible!  

This is real, this is me
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