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The Life And Work Of Mia Larson

(Statement from exhibition)

Established in 1995, the esteemed Mia Larson is know for gallivanting around this globe, drawing upon stimulus from the world of pop culture and achievement, and artworks from and predating the 19th Century.  Get ready to explore her bamboozling, fantastical, dreamy, inspiring, and lush display of work.  Tacky yet refined, this space welcomes you with open arms to ponder empowerment of those marginalized in their own context when they are juxtaposed into positions of power and achievement.  The work also takes a gander at what paint can do and how it comes together to create an image.  Paintings can be considered windows into other worlds.  This space that Mia has created shows the dimensionality encapsulated within various spaces such as worlds that are familiar but rewritten.  Addressing these works in a satirical manner makes one delve deeper into the question: "what is fine art?”.  In her work, Ms. Larson chooses to use an overabundance of glamorous objects and decorations not only to clearly parody how art is shown by making it so over the top, but also for her own personal enjoyment.  Ms. Larson hopes her work is entertaining for her viewers, but also raises some questions for them to consider. Ms. Larson wants to acknowledge that the world is in a tense position currently, and hopefully this is a small break in that tension that doesn’t forget the problems, but elevates those who are being left out.  Ms. Larson would like to thank her adoring fans for partaking in the viewing of this genius and perfect body of work.

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